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OFCCP Compliance Checklist

The same checklist OutSolve shares with its clients to ensure they are prepared for an OFCCP Compliance Audit.  


This easy-to-consume checklist includes:

 Regulatory requirements that must be in place prior to an OFCCP Compliance evaluation.

  Helpful explanations of reporting obligations 

  Sample AA/EEO policy statements  

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Check off what has been done and what needs to be completed with this guide.

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Changes to OFCCP scheduling letter mean the expansion of information being requested by OFCCP and more work for federal contractors. This can be overwhelming and fear-inducing for Federal Contractors. That’s why we put together the compliance checklist that includes the elements that need to be in place to ensure compliance.   

The information OFCCP requires will only continue to grow. Contractors can be prepared by remaining current with their affirmative action compliance obligations, including maintenance and preparation of required documentation to ensure they can respond to a scheduling letter timely. 

Download the checklist to see OFCCP regulatory requirements before an audit arrives at your door. 

Get your copy of the OFCCP Compliance Checklist