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OFCCP Revised Directive on Pay Equity Update

Revised directive clarifies the agency’s authority to have access to support compensation analysis documentation. Register today and learn how to prepare for these changes. 

Recorded | August 2022 

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On  August 18, 2022, OFCCP published a revised and renamed Directive 2022-01, from Pay Equity Audits to “Advancing Pay Equity Through Compensation Analysis.” The revision provides guidance on how OFCCP will evaluate a contractor’s compliance with compensation analysis obligations, and seeks to clarify the agency’s access to compensation documentation. This webinar will cover what you need to know about this important new directive, and how to translate these changes into actions. OutSolve presenters will share insights on the types of documentation needed to satisfy contractors’ obligations under 41 CRF 60-2.17(b)(3), and how to safeguard your company against potential violations.