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April 13, 2022 | 2 p.m. EST

New OFCCP Rules:

Greater Accountability, Compliance Deadlines, and Pay Equity Transparency




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About the Webinar

Lately, the weather has been very turbulent in all regions of the country. We expect the Federal Contractor community to experience increasing turbulence from all the new Directives and changes the OFCCP has recently implemented.

During this webinar, you will catch up on all the changes. We will discuss:

  • OFCCP’s focus on contractor evaluations and increased enforcement
  • The agency's access to additional information including pay data
  • The expectation of timely submission for audits
  • Implications of certifying affirmative action plans through the Contractor Portal.
Join OutSolve’s consultants as they provide insight into the changes that impact Federal Contractors.