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Recorded:  June 2021

LGBTQ in the Workplace



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About the Video

As the number of employees who identify as LGBTQ rises, workplaces that are culturally responsive will be better positioned to create an inclusive environment. This video provides an overview of effective practices for creating affirming spaces, and also covers LGBTQ legal protections. Presenters discuss HR policy considerations, and offer recommendations around questions regarding gender identity and using inclusive language.



About OutSolve MIRROR™

With little to no innovation in the DE&I planning space, programs are often costly, overpowering, and difficult to successfully implement. To address these issues OutSolve created DE&I  MIRROR™ Action Plans.

OutSolve's DE&I MIRROR™ focuses on actionable steps companies can take to implement a diversity, equity, and inclusion plan proportionate to their needs. Action plans are designed to focus on areas with the greatest impact. To find out more about DE&I MIRROR™ click here or contact us at info@outsolve.com