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Sample DE&I Statements


Tesla is on a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. We focus relentlessly on innovation and rely on teamwork and collaboration to help achieve this goal. Along the way, we are continuing to build a culture that is safe, respectful, fair and inclusive for all of our employees.

As we work to achieve our mission we reaffirm our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). We are proud to employ people of all backgrounds who possess the talent, energy, and focus to accelerate our vision forward. Each employee is encouraged to bring their whole self to work, knowing that Tesla values individuality as much as we value collaboration

The Walt Disney Company

From our media networks to our movie studios, from our theme parks to our products, very few companies touch the hearts and minds of generations of people around the world the way
Disney does. With this rich opportunity comes a deep sense of responsibility for creating the most authentic stories and experiences. Today, audiences are rapidly diversifying, new generations are shaping the nature of work, and changes in society increasingly impact employees everywhere.

Our focus and intent encourage people from every nation, race/ethnicity, belief, gender, sexual identity, disability, and culture to feel respected and valued for their unique contributions to our businesses. It informs our guiding principles and defines our relationship with guests and consumers, who trust and believe in the Disney brand in ways that are meaningful to them. Simply put, diversity and inclusion remind us all — from Disney fans to employees — that we belong.

Sample Diversity and Inclusion Statements


Dell Technologies US

At Dell Technologies, we believe that diversity is power. Our goal is to build a future workforce that champions racial equity, values different backgrounds and celebrates unique perspectives. Our ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion is how we address societal challenges and unlock innovation. It’s how we win as a company – and win the right way.


To support TJX’s future growth, we are continually looking for enthusiastic and committed individuals from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences to join our team. We believe that the diversity of our Associates makes us a stronger Company and better able to serve our customers around the world. We also believe that creating an inclusive environment in which Associates are engaged and empowered strengthens our business and fosters a culture where Associates are inspired to work hard, challenge themselves, and be innovative in their thinking. At TJX, inclusion and diversity are both important to us. We encourage partnerships among leaders, managers, and Associates so all Associates feel welcome in the Company, valued for their contributions, and engaged with our business mission.

Whirlpool Corporation

Inclusion and Diversity have been pillars of our global enduring values for a long time. While this pledge has a U.S. focus, it is rooted in our global values and many of the actions will be mirrored in other parts of the world. The commitment should be crystal clear: we will have a zero tolerance policy for racial marginalization within the company, one that will regularly be communicated across the entire organization.

We do recognize racial inequality is a much broader societal issue with a long history. While our actions focus on our “four walls” and our local communities, we hope that these actions will have a ripple effect on society at large.

We are also well aware of the many efforts – current and past, both within our company and on a community level. At the same time, we know that we are not where we want to be and frankly where we should be as a company and as a community.

With this pledge, we commit to drive sustainable positive impact for all our current and future Black colleagues and our local community – which will ultimately help all minorities within our company. The pledge is intended to be a 5-year journey with key milestones along the way to assure we are making progress and if not, make the needed adjustments to do so.

For this type of pledge to be effective in bringing about meaningful change, the accountability begins with me in my role as Chairman and CEO of this company. All people leaders and individual leaders will be held accountable to help achieve the objectives we have set out.

Over the next several weeks we will establish the governance process on how we will operationalize these actions while instituting the levels of transparency needed in making our organization stronger in creating the shared opportunities all of our employees deserve.


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